Join the Movement! Citizens for a Decaf Free ATL!


UndeadATL Caffeine Merchants is the concoction of Nate Thomas.  He's pretty much a life-long caffeine addict and was mostly looking for a more reliable dealer - himself!  Nate is from Ohio, grew up in Montana, and has spent his so-called adult years living in Atlanta.  He had a too-long corporate career- so, ya.

At UndeadATL, we especially love a great cup (or pot) of coffee.  Dark and Strong. We've taken great care to bring you incredible caffeine products. But Selling Decaf would be utterly pointless, so we don't.

UndeadATL takes inspiration from great Atlanta neighborhoods, teams, and other stuff that we just happen to be into.  It's stuff like horror and comedy (What We Do in the Shadows, Walking Dead, Evil Dead, Atlanta-based Dad's Garage Theatre Company).  Electronic Dance Music. Soccer. And Ya. Nate's Boston Terrier happens to look a lot like Undead Band Member Max Bacon.....

We also like a little

Who Killed Joe Evers? We're dropping clues.  Maybe you can figure it out.  If you're on Instagram @undeadATL, that would help....

We hope you'll love our products and the first (not last) band of undead fiends as much as we do.  They're meant to make you laugh a bit.  And make you wired - a lot.

Nate Thomas,  Neighborhood Caffeine Dealer 

The Real Max Bacon, Kind of a Vampire

 AND ---  One more thing since you were so kind to read this far: Nate's a former high school exchange student, and continues to support AFS International Student Exchange in his volunteer role as Co-Chair for Georgia.  Thought about hosting an exchange student or being one?  Anyone who's lived with a host family on the other side of the world will tell you it's life-changing. Really.