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Litch's Tyranny

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Ground or Whole Bean

Terminus Litch's Tyranny is the soul of UndeadATL.   It's for the wicked caffeine lovers who like it dark and powerful.  It comes ground or whole bean - for those who like it ground just the way they like it.

Terminus Litch hates most things, including motherhood, apple pie, unreliable wifi, dogs, morticians, soccer, techno, robots, sushi, fashion, real estate, and handbags.  And oh ya. He hates Decaf too.

100% Arabica coffee. Extra Caffeine.  Roast is dark (Full City, like Max's Friend). Brewing methods and the amount of coffee used will affect the amount of caffeine you take in.  If you're still under control after a cup or two, then start chugging! You're a certified Caf-Fiend.

Litch's Tyranny is packed in Wicked cool bags with Terminus Litch on one side and his terrifying backstory on the other.  The bags have 1-way air valves to keep the product fresh. It is best stored in a cool, dry place.