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Carrie's Essence

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Savory Flavor. Extra Caffeine.
Now in Ground OR Whole Bean! All New Bags!

Carrie’s Essence is sweet, salty, and high energy! This salty caramel flavored coffee is packed with an extra boost of caffeine. This stuff gets Carrie Rose fired-up (maybe a little too much). But that doesn’t mean she killed Joe Evers….does it? We at UndeadATL just love the stuff. It's sweet and salty rocket fuel.

100% Arabica coffee. Extra Caffeine. Brewing methods and the amount of coffee used will affect the amount of caffeine flowing through your bones.  If you're new to this one, UndeadATL suggests sipping rather than guzzling at first.  If you're still under control after a cup or two, then guzzle away, my friend! You're a true Undead Caf-fiend!

Carrie’s Essence is packed in Wicked cool bags with Carrie on one side and her backstory on the other.  The bags have 1-way air valves to keep the product fresh. It is best stored in a cool, dry place.