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The Day I Got Ghosted

September 07, 2022

The Day I Got Ghosted

Seems strange to be writing about the day I got ghosted. Pretty sure that had never happened before, but when it did, did it ever.  

It was as Friday, the 13th of October.  Ya, I know. Whatever.  Things were not really right for awhile.  Of course I thought I was going crazy.  Who wouldn't?  Let's do a little inventory shall we?

  • My boyfriend Joe Evers had become a Zombie. Literally. He was hanging out in the woods over by the Westside Quarry munching on who knows what.
  • I was avoiding Raven Graves because I really didn't want her sinking her teeth into me.  Max Bacon either, for that matter.
  • DJ Lobo Martinez was fine most of the time except when it was that time of the month...full moon and all.  The howling and snarling were not a great look on him.  At least I could talk to him sometimes.  And somehow he could see me. Seemed like no one else could.  Anyway, he was still doing sets @districtatl  on Thursdays. And I was walking in - no cover. Being a ghost did have a few perks.  Like hey, ever walk onto the field in the middle of an Atlanta Falcons game?  Yours truly has.

So the Friday was like most Fridays.  I started work right at 9:30 at Dogwood Handbags. The store doesn't open till 10, so I have some time to grab a cup of coffee and get everything up and running. Lights on.  Bags and wallets lined up perfectly.  I open the doors and a few customers came in during the morning.  Kinda slow day actually.  Some older guy looking for a gift for his wife. Bought a big leather bag.   A couple of girlfriends looking at everything and buying nothing.  A guy dressed in all black.  Had short sleeves and gothy tatoos all up and down.  Didn't say a word.  Just a bought a wallet. Purple one.  Paid with cash.

For lunch I was on my own. Took a drive over to Bad Daddy's in Chamblee. Chicken Sandwich.  Extra tomato.  A staple.

Then it started happening. I'm back at the store.  Old lady. Huge hair. Walks in and she's like, "I need some help over here!!!".  Well, I was standing right there.  I walked over and said (so so nicely of course). "How can I help you?". 

She just looked like I wasn't there.  Looked right through me.  She was looking a the front counter and she just kept yelling, "Hey!  Can I get some help over here???!!"

I thought I had really lost it. Really, really, totally lost it. Like the "I'm checking myself into the funny farm" kind of lost it.  I ran out of Dogwoods and on to Peachtree Street.  That turned out to be the last time I was ever in Dogwood Handbags.  At least they posted the Missing signs on the windows.

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