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Joe Loses it at the Vortex Little 5 Points

May 07, 2022


So -  about Joe Evers.  What can I say?  He was a great guy. He liked people. People liked him.  It was never complicated with Joe.

We met at Piedmont Park.  He was throwing a frisbee with some guy when I first saw him.  Anyway, frisbee lands at my feet while I'm walking next to Lake Clara Meer. Next thing I know we have a couple of drinks at the Tavern.   He jumped on his scooter and headed of up the Eastside Beltline trail. I watched him go. 

Joe and I were together almost two years.  We didn't see each other all the time though. He was a real estate agent and was super-busy a lot of the time. I was managing Dogwood Handbags in Buckhead.  Both busy, you know.

We especially liked to go the clubs on the weekend.  And sometimes not on the weekend.   We liked to be out late, up until the sun came up.  We were night people.  I think that's what we still are.  

Joe's night drink: Vodka tonic.  Usually Grey Goose.  Luxardo cherries, never a lime. 

My night drink:  Usually rum and coke.  Good mix of alcohol and caffeine.  Need to keep the caffeine flow at all times.  Sometimes Red Bull as a mixer would do the trick.

Both of us, Morning Drink: Coffee. Dark. Strong.

Anyway, I just want everyone to know that before Joe died, he had started to lose it. At first I thought he was just distracted.  Ignoring me.  Returning my texts a day later.  Maybe a few too many closings in one month.  Maybe.

But -  there was a moment. 

We're sitting at the Vortex in Little 5 Points. You know the one.  It has a big skull at the entrance. Right next to Junkman's Daughter.  It's Sunday afternoon. We're gorging on tater tots.  I'm talking for like 10 minutes straight. Just talking. He's looking at me.  Looking. 

Then I saw it.  It was his eyes.  They were totally white - just for a second.  All white. Ghost white.  

Then I heard it.  A groan. Like a deep guttural groan which seemed to start at the floor, snake its way up his legs right out his mouth. Then he ordered - demand actually -  6 Coronary Bypass Burgers with Atomic Death Sauce.  Wants them cooked rare.  Waitress was out her mind. Thought it was just hilarious.  Said "Oh ya, I can't wait to see this!"

Joe devours all the burgers in like 2 minutes.  Waitress -  so impressed. Talking with the whole bar about it.  It was like Man vs. Food but he was not a man at all. He was something else. Something way else. 

Carrie Rose

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