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Lobo Martinez: The Atlanta Beltline Scooter "Accident"

August 27, 2022

Lobo Martinez: The Atlanta Beltline Scooter "Accident"

Lobo was everyone's friend. And I mean everyone.  He was the kind of guy that was good at everything, but didn't make a big deal of it.  He lived in Castleberry Hill and played soccer on the weekends in an Atlanta Sport and Social Club League at Piedmont Park. He basically dominated the league, along with some guy name Miguel.

Just a good guy.  Once when our friend Dan's little kid Matt had his own soccer ball run over by an F150, Lobo gave Matt his own ball.  Turned out that ball had been a gift from Lobo's late father back in Venezuela.  Lobo just thought Matt would like it, so he gave it to him.

Up and coming DJ. Trance and Dubstep mostly. He was getting into a little Drum and Bass.  Anyway, 24X7 party with him.  He'd do his sets until like 3am, then afterparty, then go play soccer in the morning, a couple of times directly from the afterparty. Lobo just never stopped. 

One night, he got hit pretty hard by a scooter on the East Side Beltline.  Layed him up in Grady Hospital for a couple days.  He sure got back on his feet fast after that though. It was like a week later and it was like it never happened. 

Then things started getting weird.

It wasn't any one thing at first.  He started saying he was hungry a lot. Like all the time. We'd go to the Waffle House after one of his shows. He'd order 3 steaks and demand that they not be cooked.  He started getting like - more hairy. You know - hairy palms and the start of a kind of unibrow.  Not the kind of stuff just that grows out because you forgot to shave. Occasionally when I'd see him on stage I'd swear I saw his eyes---glowing.

Then there was that day.  It was a few months after the disappearance of Joe.  Shortly after Raven had gone.  I was went to Piedmont Park to watch Lobo play a match.  Thought it would get my mind off things.  But the game never happened. Lobo was running around the field and everywhere he went he was followed by at least 10 dogs.  Just following him.  Then freaking out. Barking. Whining.  It was insane.  And it didn't stop.  Finally Lobo had to leave.  Everyone watch as those dogs followed him right out of the park.

Lobo wasn't really the same after that.  Ya, so, he turned into a werewolf.  Of course I know that now.  And that explains a few things.   At first I thought maybe it was the death of Joe that got to him. Or maybe Raven. At least he gets to live a somewhat normal life - until the full moon comes out anyway.  We all know how that works. I try not to think about it.

I've heard a couple of people say that he had a thing for me. I don't know about that.  We were friends. We kind of still least in my mind.   And it always seemed as if he liked Joe.  Then again, Joe didn't like dogs, so that might be problem in the current situation.

Carrie Rose 

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