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The Untimely Undeath of Raven Graves

August 04, 2022

The Untimely Undeath of Raven Graves

My dear friend Raven Graves.  Yes, I knew her.  I liked her.  And now, like just about everyone else it seems, she's dead.  Or mostly dead.

Raven was solid.  She was a second generation mortician. Her father, Gerald Graves, started the family business back in the 70's in East Atlanta. Her mom died when she was 5 and her one brother had moved to California when she was in high school.  He wanted to "be his own man".  

She told me that she was not enthused at first about being in the "death business", but over time grew to appreciate it.  She felt like she was helping people. And the way she did it - with a kind heart and a mind for business - it was bound to work.   

It was Gerald's dying wish that Graves Mortuary would become Graves and Graves Morticians.   The fact that their name was Graves and they ran a mortuary was a constant (and extremely tired) joke but she said it often lightened the mood when families of the recently deceased came through her door, usually in tears.

Raven was a frequent customer while I was working my job at Magnolia Handbags.  She liked a fashionable handbag and a strong cup of coffee.  That's how I got to know her.  She had great style.  A little flashy, and fun.  She loved caffeine. That all worked for me.  We hit it off.

We started going to the clubs on Friday nights.  And Thursday.  And occasionally Wednesday. And usually Saturday.  Anyway,  DJ Lobo Martinez was a favorite for us.  He got us on stage a lot.  Loved the guy.   

That's also how she got to know my boyfriend Joe Evers.  From the beginning, they really didn't hit it off if I'm being honest.  She loved dogs.   Joe didn't  - at least "yippee" ones.  She always said that his constantly throwing frisbees around was going to be the death of somebody.  She didn't say it might be her.

The last time we talked was at Manuel's Tavern in Poncey Highland.  A hangover lunch at about 3pm on a Saturday.  It was about 2 months after the Joe's disappearance.  She ordered some kind of salad. I ordered the "Dogzilla".  It's a half pound dog - and more than edible.  Really. You should try it, especially if you're grieving.

Anyway, I remember distinctly when she said she thought she had some bats in her attic. Noisy bitches, she said.   I thought that sounded scary.   I don't like bats.

3 days later she was gone. Kind of.

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